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There are a number of stages to be met during the project process

  • Design Stage, where the CDM-C influenced good safety in design and the production of the Design Risk Assessment (DRA). Workshops and training for the client enable efficient compliance.
  • Contractor Assessment
    This applies to the Designers and the Principal Contractor. The CDM-C makes an independent assessment and advises the Client on the most competent and capable choices.
  • Production of Intention To Tender (ITT)documents:
    The CDM-C works along with the Project manager to ensure that these documents are complete of required content and information in order for the Client to inform the Principal Contractor of the full scope of work and the reports and designs for the project. There is a duty on the CDM-C to request that the client commissions additional reports e.g. UXO or Asbestos surveys if there is evidence that suggest this may be required.
  • As the designer is engaged with the project any alterations and revisions to the project are continued to be assessed by the CDM-C.
  • When the Principal Contractor is appointed they must produce a competent Construction Phase Plan and this will be reviewed by the CDM-C and signed of prior to the commencement of the works.
  • The CDM-C will then notify the HSE on an F10 (Rest of the UK) or NI10 (Northern Ireland) on the details regarding the project. Some projects which are less than 30 days construction or 500 man days will not be notifiable but remain CDM and require a Safety Management System (SMS) subject to risk assessment and method statements (RAMS).
  • As the project develops regular audits and checks are carried out mainly be the Principal Contractor and the CDM-C will ensure the due diligence is done on behalf of the Client.
  • Regular meetings are usually attended by the CDM-C to monitor progress and advice the client on risk profiles and any extra controls that may be required with sudden changes or emergencies. This is particularly so in the marine environment.
  • As the project moves towards completion the CDM-C works with the Principal Contractor and the project managers to collect and collate all information regarding “as built” and the production of a risk register (RR)so that the final Health and Safety File (HSF)is produced and signed off prior to the handover of the asset.
  • The CDM-C will also work with asset Operations and Maintenance teams during the transition phase and commissioning.
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