01 Construction Overview

Construction Overview

QHSE has played a major role in construction since the pyramids were built. In today’s construction projects Clients will integrate QHSE requirements into the project risk register in order to control and be effective with the overall business risk model. When we produce documentation for clients such as the Safety Management System (SMS) this is normally done to the ISO18001 standard. 

At Excuria we support our Clients to adopt the optimal solutions to achieving robust controls which enables compliance and reduces risks and consequential costs.

We offer a range of services to our clients with construction projects on and off shore and intertidal.
One of our tools to enable safety from the start is to engage as the clients CDM Coordinator which is a legal requirement under the CDM Regulations 2007. This allows the CDM-C to participate at design stage and stay with the project from design stage through to completion

Accreditations for QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

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