01 Life Sciences Overview

Life Sciences Overview

With this important developing industrial sector there are significant and dangerous risks to public and employee health as well as animal welfare. Issues associated with laboratory safety and hospital hygiene are current topical issues.

QHSE consultants at Excuria are of the highest calibre in order to assess the risks and make recommendations to keep compliance in place. When the bird flu virus was being looked at seriously by the World Health Organisation many companies struggled to put together contingency plans that would allow the organisation to function with a high degree of absences from localised infections. Our consultants are highly experienced in this field.

Our services offered are:

  • Laboratory Safety
  • Hospital Safety and Hygiene
  • Health Physics
  • Radiology protection
  • Biohazards
  • Facility planning
  • Lead Auditing of CL1, CL2 and CL3 facilities.
  • Personal Protective Equipment assessments (PPE)
  • Handling and processing of blood products.
  • Training
Accreditations for QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

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