65 Work Environment Studies

Work Environment Studies

The marine industry is one of the most hazardous environments for work activities. The main influences are usually the sea state and prevailing weather conditions as well as the condition of the vessels and equipment. If we consider some of the offshore activities such as the oil and gas production platforms and the construction of harbours or the offshore structures such as wind turbines or transformer platforms it is imperative that robust control procedures are in place. Recent incidents have served to remind us that mistakes can still cause catastrophic events. Excuria is offering a full integrated and robust approach to our clients. Work environments can be assessed and control measures including training, safe systems of work etc. can be made to reduce the risks.
Very often after examination and analysis it becomes apparent that a change in the safety is required and Excuria will support the client to achieve this with the operators of the offshore structures and vessels and others on the supply chain. 
Accreditations for QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

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