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Diving Safety & Training

Marine Diving Safety

Diving is one of the most hazardous operations carried out in offshore waters, rivers, lakes and lochs. The diving regulations: www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1997/2776/contents/
made are the main guide to the control of operations. Typically a diving expert can be involved in reviewing the diving plans and ensuring that the equipment is in good order and fit for purpose. Essentially plan the dive and dive the plan is the rule for diving operations.

Marine Operations Training

Training is perhaps the most important pre requisite all operations on and offshore and it is important that records are kept on competency and capability for all employees. If new apparatus or equipment including plant all operatives will require to be trained in the safety of its operation. On occasion certificates from international sources need to be checked for adequacy against the legislative requirements of the country where the operations/activities are being carried out.
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