19 Marine Operations

Marine Operations

Dockside Operations

All offshore works are usually controlled from a dockside where a Port Authority exists. Most port Authorities have control procedures which must be adhered to by the vessel owners as well as the supply chain companies and contractors. In the case of offshore construction sites this would mean that offices often a Portable Cabin area is established on site. An area for buffering construction materials and sub assembly is usually demarked.

Marine Handling & Lifting Operations

Handling and lifting are usually high hazard operations where robust procedures need to be in place. All parties need to be involved in these activities therefore the marine coordinator, contractor, Port Authority, vessel Masters need to meet regularly in order to carry out operations safely and effectively with in the legislative framework. Lifting plans need to be signed off by a competent lifting engineer. Client also have to make sure that the correct insurance is in place for the asset and that documentation for the transfer of the asset has been prepared.

Salvage Operations

Not a regular occurrence but it is important to have a contingency plan in place for when salvage operations are required e.g. the recovery of components or sunken vessel from the sea bed or intertidal area.
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