20 Grid Network

Grid Network

Most of these works are of an extra high hazard in nature and QHSE issues are associated with remote locations, heavy lifting, construction of sub stations and cable hauling, trencing both on and offshore including HVDC 33kV and 66kV connection. Most of the Electricity companies handle this work however client who develops wind farms or other power systems will need to interface with the client and ensure the grid code is complied with and that the terms of the licence granted is also complied with in detail. The CDM Regulations and the Electricity Regulations need to be complied with as well as which Rules apply. HVDC cables are being installed offshore and this requires particular assessment regarding the vessels, cable handling, connections, energising and data handling (SCADA) systems.
Accreditations for QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment
QHSE services in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

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